Advanced Analytics

ATIA offers advanced data mining services for personalized diagnosis and treatment suggestion.

We show which combinations of patient characteristics predict treatment response or adverse effects.

Decision Support Systems

By applying the patterns and rules discovered with Advana,
ATIA provides you with the right advice,  at the right time,
in the right place to make the right decisions,  using all available data.


ATIA’s own research focuses on subtyping patient populations by developing and refining artificial intelligence tools.

These tools may be used by our biology, medicine and psychology experts.


"The possibility of an inter-institutional referral decision support system is now being considered.” 

Bea Tiemens, Manager Research, Indigo Service Organization

"The ATIA advanced analytics have more than doubled the detection of non-responders, while still obtaining a 90% responder detection".

Martijn Arns, Brainclinics

" We were convinced that the AMDAS model that we had developed was optimal. ATIA has helped us to perfect what was already a very good idea.”

Hans van der Heijden, Stichting Myosotis

"At Emotional Brain, we share ATIA's belief in personalized medicine. The ATIA approach can give us new advanced tools to incorporate ATIA's vision in our drug development programme".

Jeroen Gerritsen, Emotional Brain


In deze animatie wordt de werking van Advana uitgelegd. Advana is een methodiek, ontwikkeld door ATIA, waar geavanceerde data analyses mee uitgevoerd kunnen worden.
Die helpen behandelaars bij het sneller kiezen van de juiste behandeling. Dat is gunstig voor de patiënt én voor de kostenefficiëntie in de zorg.