Every organisation stores data. The amount of data that we create and store grows almost exponentially. The real challenge is to translate those data into information that can support decision making. This requires specific knowledge, experience and interpretation skills that the ATIA team posseses.


ATIA have developed their own method and toolset called ADVANA (ADVanced ANAlysis). ADVANA is the result of a close collaboration between experts from Artificial Intelligence, Medicine, Biology and Psychology. It allows ATIA's experts to analyse existing data from healthcare and research and develop prediction models based on the patterns found in those data. These models are accurate, have high predictive validity and are highly sensitive and specific. They are applied in (Clinical) Decision Support Systems. Using personal characteristics to predict the optimal treatment, such models have been shown to improve treatment success and shorten treatment duration.

Our team are experts at clearly demonstrating how your data may help improve your decision making. We have made an animated film [in Dutch] to explain how this is done.


ADVANA has been especially -but not exclusively- used for data analysis and prediction modelling in:

  • Life Sciences & Health

  • Cure and Care

  • (Mental) Capacity

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