We bring data to life

The exceptional combination of knowledge, skills and expertise and the drive to fulfill ATIA's mission guarantees a high return on investment in de products and services of ATIA. Return in terms of cost-reduction, but also in terms of improved products and services.

Health care professionals and institutions

ATIA applications support difficult decisions in complex problems at the level of the individual patient. ATIA can diagnose a disease with underlying cause and suggest optimal treatment for that person, based on all information available about that patient. The information is used by and exchanged between reasoning agents, which further increases the certainty of the suggested decisions. Not only does this mean that the patient gets the correct treatment, it also saves a lot of time and money.

Pharmacy and biotech companies

ATIA supports the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries by offering expertise and practical innovative solutions. ATIA’s activities include advanced analytics, modelling and model validation.The main activities range from the drug discovery phase to clinical phase-IIB-studies, but also identification of predictors for response and non-response in phase II and III trail data. .

Recruitment and assessment centers

ATIA supports assessment centers improving their assessment procedures and methods. In cooperation with the Spinoza Center in Amsterdam, ATIA has developed a method to collect and analyze brain data from candidates for jobs or development programs. It is possible to predict behavior or intentions of behavior (instead the other way around) from patterns in the structure and connectivity of the brain, without assumptions about the structure of personality. Also affective states and regulations of these states belong to the domain of these predictions.

Finally we can say something about the so called cognitive reserve or not suspected talents of candidates. On top of that, ATIA supports decisions regarding assessment candidates with data mining techniques and modeling (induction) and ruled based reasoning (deduction).

Software vendors and system integrators

The powerful advanced analytic tools of ATIA are easy to integrate with information systems and software in the health care sector.

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